We have a firm commitment that all of our furniture is made from Sustainably Harvested Teak.

Our teak originates from forests regulated by Indonesia’s Sustainable Forest Management (SFM/PHPL) and Verification of Timber Legality (TLAS/SVLK) systems, designed to promote the sustainability of future teak harvests while ensuring legal trade. Teak used in the manufacture of our products is Certified from well managed, responsibly harvested plantations on Java, Indonesia.  

This is important to us and ensures that there is a continued supply of teak wood for many generations to come and further helps and sustains the economies of these small rural communities.

Our Teak Furniture is constructed to last for many,many years. It is made from a natural resource and no heavy industrial process or chemicals are used in the manufacture. The trees are harvested and new trees are planted in their place, each tree absorbing Carbon Dioxide as it grows.

We recycle and reuse where possible e.g.  Wooden pallets used in packing are recycled pallets. Recyclable packaging (cardboard, paper) is used in shipping and packing wherever possible. All of the cardboard lining used in the shipping containers is used again by us to package orders. Our products are all packaged in cardboard and/or cardboard boxes.

We have phased out any single use plastic bottles and packaging in our office supplies. We use both sides of all paper for internal office and warehouse use and only print when completely necessary.